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Creating Grid Pattern Effect – Video tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to create this grid pattern effect. Created with a pattern overlay.

Landscape Editing – Video tutorial

This is a tutorial of a few basic edits I apply to my landscape photography. It covers brightness adjustment, sharpening, noise reduction, proper flattening, and artifact removal.

How to lighten dark shadows

Maybe you remember those pre CS Photoshop versions where you had to manipulate masking to shed some light to shadowed areas on your photos?
Well maybe you dont, but because we do, we thought of sharing the following quick tip available in the CS versions.
Here we have a nature themed photo, where the shadows on the inside of the branch are not …

How to create the Andy Warhol Effect

For sure you have seen the Andy Warhol art post-cards that come on all sorts of versions, and for sure you would love to have your own personalized version of them. Great thing that you found this tutorial then. Lets see how you can turn an ordinary picture into art with a couple of photoshop brushes.
First we will open our image …

How to undo an action in the next aperture

You are probably already familiar with the History of Photoshop, which allows you to undo up to 20 steps. Unfortunately, when you quit Photoshop nothing is saved in memory and this no longer works. However, there is a way to undo changes to color and tone after days, weeks or even months.
Here is how: next time you apply a change …

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