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Awesome Modern Warfare Lines – Video tutorial

In this video we’ll be showing you how to recreate the famous strokes from the Modern Warfare 2 designs

Skin Retouching – Photoshop video tutorial

In this tutorial Sara show you how to photoshop retouch your skin. This is an easy way to make your photos even more beautiful! Let the patch tool be your best friend!

How to blur out a face or object in less than a minute – Video tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to blur out someones face or object. Also shows you how to create a black censored bar. This tutorial is meant for beginners.

The Ultimate Lomo Effect – Creating Lomography from Digital Photography – Video tutorial

Lomo Photography or Lomography has gained quite the cult following in recent years. And it’s no wonder. These little Lo-Fi cameras, such as the Lomo LC-A, produce some really cool and compelling images. Aside from the Lo-Fi look of the Lomo, the other main feature of Lomography is the cross processing of the Color Slide Film.
We have broken this tutorial …

Soften Skin with Surface Blur – Video tutorial

Soften Skin with Surface Blur and comparing it to the Gaussian Blur Technique.

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