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Skin Retouching – Photoshop video tutorial

In this tutorial Sara show you how to photoshop retouch your skin. This is an easy way to make your photos even more beautiful! Let the patch tool be your best friend!

Blending Modes – Video tutorial

A look at how to incorporate blending modes into your Photoshop routine.

Smooth Skin and Sharpen: Photoshop Tutorial – Video tutorial

Soften and Smooth Skin! This is a huge thing when working with studio photography, models, or anyone really. Smoothing skin can really add a lot to an image, but if you do it the wrong way it really can look terrible. We will also look at selective sharpening by using a mask to limit the sharpened region. We will cover: …

Water Drops Tutorial

Water Drops Tutorial

On this tutorial we will see how to create water droplets. The first thing we need to do is create our water droplet shape. Although you can do this with various ways such as the Pen tool and the Marquee tool, we are going to use the Ellipse tool.

Once you have Ellipse tool selected choose a neutral grey colour from your …

Airbrushing, doing professional make up digitally

Airbrushing, doing professional make up digitally

Have you ever tried to do a photo shoot using some of your friends? Have you found that even though the pics looked good, there was something lacking in your makeup. The skin didn’t quite seem to look as good as in the picture of a famous model. Well, that’s because of professional make up done before the actual photo, …

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