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How to remove clothes

Admit it. You wish you had X-Ray glasses. If you get across a pair, shoot this site a message.
In the meantime lets see how you can get to the next best thing which is digitally removing clothes with photoshop.

Step 1. Upload that summer picture-it usually is a summer picture-on your photoshop. We will use an anonymous one we found on the internet.

naked 1

Step 2.Click on the layer on the right hand sidebar and duplicate the layer. We will work on the copied layer so make sure that the copy layer is highlighted before you start editing you image.

naked 2

Step 3.Click on the lasso tool. You will find the lasso tool on the very top of you left hand sidebar. Using click and drag outline the garment you wish it wasn’t there. In our case we will outline the bikini. Don’t worry if you don’t get the exact outline or if you miss a line, we will fix that later. Just make sure that with the lasso tool you cover the entire garment.

naked 3

Step 4. Once you are done outlining the entire garment the end of your lasso line should meet its starting point creating a loop (lasso!) and if the line is glittering it means you got it right.

Step 5. On the top navigation bar of your photoshop editor click on “Edit” and then “Fill” from the drop down menu. This will pop the Fill option menu. This should be set to “Content Aware Normal” and 100% .

naked 4

Step 6. Hit OK!

naked 5

Step 7. Deselect the lasso line but clicking anywhere on the image. Next we are gonna add some realism by removing any marks. From your left hand sidebar choose the Healing Brush and start passing it on the marks that the lasso tool has left. Simply click and drag, click and drag until you have covered all the marks.

naked 6

And now you know!Have fun!

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