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How to add photo frames

Photo frames; apart from their aesthetic use they can catch the eye of the viewer making your photos stand out from competition.
In this handy tutorial you will learn how to easily add a photo line frame.

So here we go:

First open you photo and save it as standard layer. You do this by simply doubleclicking on the photo’s layer and transform it on standard layer through the dialogue window.

frames 1

Next in order to add a border we will need more space around the photo. To do this we will increase the canvas size through Image->Canvas Size which will bring forward the canvas dialogue window. The easier way to add more space around the image is by ticking the button “Relative” and lets increase the size by 100x100. This means that 50 additional pixels will be added on either sides on vertically and horizontally of your photo.

frames 2

Once you hit Enter this will add the border as described above, but in transparent mode. To fill it in with solid color create a separate layer for the border and hit Ctrl+Backspace. This will fill it in with the color preselected on your color selection area, in this case White since the default mode is black and white.

frames 3

Now you are ready to start editing your frame. Hit Ctrl+click on the photo layer, this will choose the entire size of your photo. Once done create a new layer (you should have 3 layers by now all in all) .
Next click Edit->Stroke and this will bring up a new dialogue window which essentially will allow us to add a line round the photo.
On that window you can adjust 3 elements. The desired color of your framing line, its width and its position in relation to your photo.
We will go for a standard red, a width of 10pixels and Center it in relation to the margin of our photo, feel free to play around with these options.

frames 4

And this is your result until now, which looks okay-ish but there is definitely room for improvement.

frames 5

So will now repeat the last 2 steps. Go ahead and create a new layer and choose again your main photo layer by Click+Ctrl.
Then again Edit->Stroke but this time choose a different color we will go for black and this will add a black line frame over the existing red one.

Next add a Layer Mask on the black line frame by simply selecting the black line frame layer and clicking on the layer mask icon on the bottom of your layers window.

Now click on the Gradient Tool and by holding down Shift Click+Drag from the top of your picture to the bottom.

frames 6

This will make your line frame progressively from red to black creating a nice effect round your photo.

frames 7

We are not yet done though, to make our frame more punchy we can add a layer style on the red part of the line frame. So ensuring you have selected the red line frame layer click on Layer Style button and add a Drop Shadow effect.

On the dialogue window choose the direction of your shadow, we will go for a 140 degrees and lower the opacity (round 30 should be ok) so its a soft shadow.

frames 8

Hit ok and now you have a classy and yet simple looking frame round your photo.

frames 9

Experiment with different colors and shadows and make your photos really stand out!
For more easy and quick photo effects you can check our tutorials on Lomo Effects and Andy Warhol Effect .

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